Teens and Pregnancy




What would you say to a guy who had a “friend-with-benefits”?

P2 Crew: Think about it… not only are you putting yourself and your “friend” on the line for pregnancy and STD’s, but don’t you’re playing with that person’s emotions and the emotions of your girlfriend.  By engaging in this behavior you put all 3 people at risk.  When you engage in intimate behavior, your heart gets involved.  Intimacy is designed to bond two people together.  It WILL begin to bond you, even if you’re just playing around, so take intimacy seriously and don’t play with your own heart or someone else’s.  Real friends have respect for each other.

Teens that have sex often experience worry, regret, guilt, and lowered self-esteem.

Girls that have sex are

·         3 times more likely to be depressed

·         3 times more likely to commit suicide

Boys that have sex are…

·         2 times more likely to be depressed

·         8 times more likely to commit suicide.

(Rector, et al.)



 I’ve had sex lots of times and I don’t feel depressed.


P2 Crew:  How about when you see your ex-girlfriend with another guy?  Keep in mind, depression isn't the only possible emotional obstacle someone could encounter as a result of sexual behavior. Some other possible obstacles include: anger, jealousy, dependence, pre-occupation and regret. Not to mention memories that could get stuck in your head. Do you want past experiences to impact your wedding night?