• In 2009, 46% of high school students had sexual intercourse and 13.8% had four or more sex partners during their life. Prior to the sexual activity, 21.6% drank alcohol or used drugs. Only 38.9% used a condom. (CDC)
  • Boys report higher expectations that sex will lead to pleasure and social status.
  • Nearly 70% of teens report there is “a lot of pressure to have sex by a certain age”  (71% guys and 64% girls)
  • (Kaiser Family Foundation/Seventeen Magazine)
  • 75% of girls and over half of boys report that girls who have sex do so because their boyfriends want them to.
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We’ve all heard stories about wild parties. They’re about the bangin’ music, hot girls, and hype dancing all night long. Parties like this often include alcohol, drugs, and sex. What we don’t often hear about are the consequences that often follow these situations. Many people that have sex while under the influence would not have made the same choice if they were sober. Regret, guilt, and worry often creep in and can even lead someone to isolate themself from others, or continue the reckless behavior because they feel that it’s too late to late turn things around.

Think About It…
Real friends keep each other’s best interest in mind and hold them accountable to making positive choices. Are you surrounded by a group who is pressuring you positively or negatively? Want to be a good husband or wife someday? Practicing self-control will pay off later in a good marriage relationship. 

Don’t want to put yourself in a situation where you might make a bad choice? You may want to skip the party and Avoid the Risk.